Stylist, Organizer, Event Planner, Makeup Artist, Personal Trainer and Interior Designer are just a few of the titles that Amanda excels at. Her passion for fitness, fashion, decor, food, and travel inspires everything that she does, pouring her expertise and energy into each and every endeavor. This broad experience has made her uniquely qualified to be The Lifestylist, motivating you to live your life to the fullest.  

Amanda has spent years in the beauty and fashion industry, cultivating an eye for detail and design. She has over a decade of experience as a make-up artist, training and working with Aveda, Mac, Smashbox, (among others) ranging from bridal to runway, print, fashion, photo shoots, theatre and film. With her added background in costume design, fashion construction and custom tailoring, she has a definite edge in helping you achieve your perfect look and style.

With a degree in Theater & Music Performance, Amanda is used to the spotlight and knows what it takes to continually put your best face forward. Working in the promotional and fashion modeling industry, along with an acting resume, has given her great perspective and experience in creating a confident and poised image, representing such companies as Nintendo, Microsoft, Lexus, American Express and the PGA.

Having owned an event planning company for several years, event design, planning and coordination have always been Amanda’s forte. In fact, she’s been orchestrating productions since she was 6 years old! In combination with her experience as a floral designer and theatre production, directing and design, she is able to create distinctive events that make lasting impressions.

A lifelong foodie, Amanda has always had a flair for all things culinary!  Cooking alongside world renowned chefs and trained under Kitchen Window’s Culinary Program, her cooking style has sharpened with each and every plate.  Working private events with several local chefs as well as cooking classes has given her the experience and passion to create impactful flavor combinations, unique recipes, and tasty, nutritious food.

Early on, Amanda was inspired to fitness by the consistent perseverance and ageless strength of her dad. With this foundation, she was driven to learn the incredible effects fitness and nutrition have on the body, mind, mood, energy and confidence. Fitness became a passion. With years of experience and extensive knowledge in strength, cardio, interval, and circuit training, she strives to help each client look and feel their best while maintaining a fulfilling and confident lifestyle.

She has trained and studied under Nancy Stoneberg of Stone Fitness for more than ten years and the local fitness mogul has become a lifelong mentor. Amanda is also a frequent contributor to workout segments on Twin Cities Live and is a fitness brand rep for Victoria's Secret Sport (VSX). Utilizing ongoing collaborations within her strong network of health and fitness professionals, Amanda stays ahead of the curve on the latest workout trends.